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Las Vegas is The Entertainment Capital of the World. It has a lot of casinos and lively shows and classy musical acts. It is a resort city—home to hundreds of hotels. Choosing the best hotel or resort to stay in is a tall order. We have listed the 10 best luxury hotels in Las Vegas based on recommendations and feedback. Here is the list for your perusal:                 The Mansion Thousands of people flock to Las Vegas every day. So a long line in the check-in counter is a regular occurrence. But in The Mansion of the MGM Grand, you don’t need to wait for anyone. This luxury hotel gives the best and most luxurious service to its clientele. A room at the mansion may cost $350 a day.                 Skylofts This is where one experiences modern urban lifestyle. The development believes in “open concept” design. This means that the living room, dining room and kitchen flow together as one space. The lofts adhere to the green standards. Staying in the Skylofts will cost you over $900 a day.                 The Villas This is paradise in the center of Las Vegas. The Villas gives you both luxury and privacy. You can have your own private villa or lanai starting at $1,500.                 The Cromwell   It is not as expensive as the others, but just as luxurious. Visitors rave about the friendly hotel staff. Some are calling it the “Friendliest Casino on the Strip.” Room rates start at $143.                 The Palazzo The rooms in The Palazzo are huge. It is perfect for family vacations. It is also ideal for bridal showers and stag parties. The room rate starts at over $200. (Photo: https://www.facebook.com/Vegas/)                 The Venetian This is another accommodation that boasts of large rooms. Since it is a large room, expect to find not just the bedroom but the walk-in closet as well. Rooms here are between $200 and $500.                 ARIA This five-star accommodation is a one-stop destination. It is home to one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. It also has a wide array of luxury items up for grabs in the strip’s many shops. There are great fine dining options to choose from.                 The Bellagio At $200 to $500, the Bellagio is worth every penny. It is in the middle of the strip. This makes it the perfect spot to party. After that, you can transfer wherever you want.                 Mandalay Bay When you’ve checked in to this hotel, you never want to leave. It is only over $100 to over $500 bucks a day.                 Four Seasons The Four Seasons Hotel is popular all over the world, and for good reason. Room rates start at $200. So here are the 10 best luxury hotels in Las Vegas. According to Forbes magazine, these luxury properties will help make our lives easier. Las Vegas is home to about half of the 40 biggest hotels in the world. These hotels offer lodging minus the long […]

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